Where can I find ‘Merican Mule canned cocktails near me?

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What is ‘Merican Mule®?

Premium, vodka-based Moscow Mule Cocktail that is convenient, refreshing and refined. With All-Natural ingredients, flavors and 7% ABV, this delicious Moscow Mule in a can is the perfect cocktail.

How many calories, and how much sugar is in your ‘Merican Mule® canned cocktails?

When it comes to calories and sugar, our cocktails are on par with a Mule cocktail you would order at a bar or restaurant.    Keep in mind, that our canned cocktails are 12OZ. If you consider a typical Copper Mug (which is ~8OZ), plus ice, you’re left with ~6OZ of liquid per cocktail.  So, you’re really getting 2 bar cocktails per single can of ‘Merican Mule®!

What liquor brands do you use in your ‘Merican Mule® canned cocktails?

All our spirits are REAL liquors which are premium in nature.  We don’t use name brands, but we do source our spirits from top quality partners that fit the best with our carefully crafted flavor profiles.

How strong are ‘Merican Mule canned cocktails?

7% Alc / Vol

Where is ‘Merican Mule® headquartered?

We have a bi-coastal presence, with remote offices in Long Beach, CA and Connecticut.

Where is ‘Merican Mule® canned?

Our production distillery is in Missouri which allows us to ship our Mule canned cocktails anywhere in the USA.

My local store does not carry ‘Merican Mule® canned cocktails.  How can the store order it for me?

Not a problem, we can get it sent over to your local store from the right distributor.  Just have a store member send us a message using our contact form.

I want to distribute ‘Merican Mule® in my area.  How do I get started?

Great! We’d love to talk to you.  Send us a note using our contact form.